Roundmoor Ditch Improvement Project

Season’s greetings Volunteers, Friends, Supporters, Local Resident, and Maidenhead to Teddington Catchment Partnership Network

As we are nearing the end of 2018 a BIG thank you goes out to everyone who has been a part of the Roundmoor Ditch Improvement Project so far. Over the last 6th months you may have seen the improvement works put in place by the volunteers. Information on this can be read in our community project updates and our website.

Please note there will be a change in the event schedule this month. The event scheduled for the 22-12-18 will now be moved to January 2019. The event on the 15-12-18 will be our last event on site for 2018. We will be carrying out in channel improvements (installing deflector, tying in, and clearance). Mince pies will be on offer or the biscuits if they are not to your choice.

You will also be pleased to hear there is still more to come. Volunteer  events will be running until the end of February 2019. I have attached a Roundmoor Ditch Improvement Project Volutneer Event Days Poster with the dates. A community project update will go out the beginning of Jan. Please also check the website for updates and information.

Training in leading groups to undertake waterway improvements will again be offered to the local community. This will be taking place late Feb and early March 2019. Information to these will be sent out.


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