Eton Wick Spring Clean

EWVA have created a crowdfunding account for residents donations.  The crowd funder is open until December 31st, and will be advertised on Facebook. For reference the link is:

EWVA has followed up with Sgt Emma Pendrey regarding initiating the Speed Awareness van west of Eton Wick Road, by the cattle grid.  This is promote awareness to the traffic approaching from the common/cattle grid and provide safety for the school bus.

EWVA would like to let everyone know that there is an initiative from a team of Boys at Eton College, to provide a little help around the house/garden of our elderly residents.   Please send me name/address/job to be done and I will ensure this is passed along to the Eton College Team.

Next Meeting Date – 20th March including Cllr Rayner (achievements and ask questions) meet Jake Hynard Community Warden.

We hope to see you all bright eyed and ready to litter pick on Sunday 3rd March and support our Race night fundraiser on Saturday 9th March 😊.

Here are our diary of meetings and events for 2019:

               Wednesday 30th January – AGM Public Meeting

               Sunday 3rd March – Annual Great British Litter Pick

               Saturday 9th March – Fundraiser Race Night (Eton Wick School)

               Wednesday 20th March – Public Meeting

               Wednesday 15th May – Public Meeting

Wednesday 19th June – Public Meeting

Wednesday 18th September – Public Meeting

               Wednesday 16th October – Public Meeting

               Saturday 26th October – Annual Bulb Planting

               Friday 22nd November – Fundraiser to be confirmed

               Saturday 30th November – Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Event

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