Increased parking enforcement presence

Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead

Press Release


One year pilot will increase parking enforcement presence

A one year pilot scheme will increase parking enforcement presence in rural and out of town areas, along with providing additional capacity to target specific problem areas.

The increase will see NSL, who provide parking enforcement services on behalf of the Royal Borough, weekly contracted hours increased by 25% after it was agreed at Cabinet on Thursday 29 August.

The extended contract will include coverage across the borough in these key areas:

  • On and off street civil parking enforcement.
  • First and second line machine maintenance for both on and off street machines.
  • Vehicle removal, relocations and abandoned vehicle enforcement.
  • Partnership working with Royal Borough Community Wardens and Thames Valley Police, including joint patrols and intelligence sharing.

NSL, have been awarded a two-year contract extension for parking enforcement commencing on 1 December 2019, and one-off additional funding of £69,336 will allow rural and out of town areas to be better covered.

Cllr David Cannon, lead member for public protection, said: “Resident feedback has told us that increased visibility and presence from the parking enforcement team in rural and out of town areas is important. Therefore, I am delighted that Cabinet have approved this increase in NSL’s contracted hours.

“This extra time will allow the enforcement team to cover more of the borough, more frequently, in response to resident reports.

“Performance levels have been consistently high during NSL’s last two years with the Royal Borough and their partnership with Thames Valley Police and the community wardens has also been excellent. We are very happy this will continue with the extension of their contract.”

The one year pilot will focus on enforcement in rural and out of town areas and will be directed by resident reports through the online report it function and direct liaison with Ward Councillors and parish councils.

At the end of the 12 months, an evaluation of the pilot will follow to determine the next steps.

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