COVID-19: Social Distancing

Please read this text and study the diagram very carefully and take extra special note of its contents. This was written by one of the partners of a GP practice in Bracknell

“Please stop socialising and stop your children socialising. Please. They’re running out of coffins in Italy because the Italians couldn’t or wouldn’t stop popping out for a coffee. Even if you don’t care about yourselves, maybe you do care about whether your relatives pull through, or whether the hospital has enough healthy staff to look after them.

My 20something GP trainee has just been redeployed to acute medicine. Two doctors have already had coronavirus in my practice. Out of 12. We have receptionists off with it. Our trainee is putting his life on the line. The least we can do is stay at home.

I have 20,000 patients who are still having life threatening illnesses out in the community. I need to keep my practice open. If my staff go down at the rate they currently are (15% off at present, two more go off most days) then we will have to close at least one possibly two of our sites. One may be requisitioned as a Covid assessment centre anyway. You cannot go to the pub and make a joke about how quiet it is.

Because I am in a high-risk group (health reasons) I am running my GP surgeries from home to allow my colleagues in full health to see and speak to patients. They are putting themselves at risk by all the people contact. I haven’t touched or been closer than 2m from my children for four days and I will do this for four months, more if I need to, to keep my patients safe and stop more people dying.”

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