A Christmas Message from Cllr George Fussey, Mayor of Eton Town Council

About this time last year we were becoming dimly aware of a disease outbreak in Huanan province in China. Little did we appreciate how this would change all our lives and make 2020 a year that many of us will want to forget. Many in our communities have faced huge challenges and upheaval as our society has struggled to come to terms with the Covid pandemic. It has never been so obvious that our global community is intimately connected and that, however much we love our local communities, we also have to care deeply, and understand, what is happening on the world stage.

But it has also been an inspiring year, with dedicated service from health professionals in the NHS and unstinting commitment from so many other front line services, for example Thames Valley Police and those who work in our local schools and retail shops. Our communities in Eton and Eton Wick have come together to help folk through these extraordinary times and many have shown great resilience. I particularly want to pay tribute to our community associations, EWVA and ECA, for going the extra mile this year and for providing a valuable safety net for those who found themselves in need.

I hope all residents will be able to celebrate Christmas in spite of the restrictions that we must endure at this time.

I wish you all strength and perseverance. I hope that, before long, we will return to better times, able to reflect on the things that we have learnt about ourselves, others, and the world in general.

Very best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year from Eton Town Council.

George Fussey

Councillor and Chair of Eton Town Council

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