Flooding Update from RBWM

Here is an update regarding flooding within the borough.

The council has reviewed its current coordination arrangements and have put a Tactical Coordinating Group in place to formally coordinate any multi-agency response needed. The Met Office have confirmed that they are not forecasting a lot of rain in the next few days.

Please find the link to the Environment Agency for their updated flood alerts. This link is for Berkshire as a whole but you can see the alerts within the borough – https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/warnings?location=berkshire.

There are three main areas of focus at the moment:


The B4447 The Pound between School Lane and Terry’s Lane remains closed.

The A4094 from Bourne End into Ferry Lane is currently open but there is water on the road so please use with caution. We are working with our colleagues in Bucks County Council to monitor the situation.

The A4094 Sutton Road into Cookham remains open.

At this stage no homes are at risk from flooding.

Some bus routes may be disrupted so if you need to leave your home then check with operators before you leave. We anticipate that the Arriva number 37 route could be affected and we are working with them.

Crews continue to monitor the situation and we will update you if anything changes.

Old Windsor

We are working with Surrey County Council and they have closed the A308 between the roundabout at A328 to just after the Runnymede Pleasure Ground.

At this stage no houses are at risk from flooding.

Crews continue to monitor the situation and we will update you in anything changes


The Environment Agency have reviewed the situation and at this stage flood defences are not being deployed because of the Met Office improving forecast but this will be reviewed.

Attention is being paid to flooded gardens from the Thames on riverside properties and in Wraysbury from Old Windsor weir to Magna Carta island.

Flooded roads are being monitored including The Island and King John Drive.

The council is also working with the EA in monitoring levels on Colne Brook.

General overview

  • Community wardens and highway inspectors staff are out in the areas that are affected talking to residents.
  • Liaised with flood wardens in each of those areas and they are also supporting their communities.
  • We would advise that people do not visit Ray Mill Island as there is a lot of water around it due to its location.
  • Many of the tributaries are continuing to reduce in levels, but, the situation is under constant review.
  • Jubilee River is operational and all weirs are open down the Thames to allow water to keep moving on and manage the levels within the Thames.
  • Site visits to the at risk areas have taken place and will continue to take place by VolkerHighways.
  • RBWM and additional highways crews are on standby to respond and coordinate any response as needed.
  • The council is also working with other agencies including the Environment Agency, Met Office, Thames Water and the Emergency Services.
  • RBWM will provide sandbags only where vulnerable residents need assistance to protect their homes excluding outhouses, where there is an imminent risk of flooding.
  • Sandbags will not be provided as a precautionary measure.
  • Vulnerable residents are regarded as those who as a result of age, disability or illnesses are unable to take protective action to safeguard themselves or their property

If you have a concern about flooding in your community please encourage residents to report it through the website – https://www.rbwm.gov.uk/home/transport-and-streets/roads-and-pavements/report-flooding-or-drainage-problem

Please remember we are still in a national lockdown and we urge people to remain at home, as long as it is safe to do so. We are asking residents to stay away from flooded areas and rivers as they can be highly dangerous. There is also the additional risk of COVID-19 and residents are reminded to keep their distance from other people.

Visit the Met Office website for the latest weather information – https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/forecast/gcpsf5fk7#?date=2021-02-02 There is no predicted heavy rain at this stage.

The comms team will be updating social media to inform residents but please feel free to share the above information with your communities. We will also share messages around staying at home due to the pandemic.

Flood Codes and their meanings

Flood alert – A flood alert will indicate that flooding is possible and that you need to be prepared. Normally this means that rivers are likely to break their banks and spill out into the surrounding areas, flood plains and low lying roads and footpaths.
Flood warning – indicates that flooding is expected inside properties and that immediate action should be taken. You should take action when a flood warning is issued and not wait for a severe flood warning
Severe flood warning – indicated that there is severe flooding and danger to life. These will be issued only when flooding is posing significant threat to life or disruption to communities

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