Notes of Meeting of SML Pavilion Task & Finish Group on 25.3.21


Eton Town Council:

Cllrs George Fussey (Mayor), John Lovell (Deputy Mayor: Chair), Derek Bishop, Malcolm Leach & Town Clerk

Windsor FC Youth (WFCY)

Mr Paul Mitchell (Chair)

Also Present:

Mr Peter Eaton Mr David Treder

  1. Welcome & Introductions:

JL welcomed everybody to the Meeting and summarised the current position. The project was restricted by Lammas land regulations and so the next steps needed to be agreed.

  1. Options:
  1. Demolish – the cheapest option but would result in unlikelihood of any future building being built due to Lammas land regulations.
  2. Refurbish – not ideal for WFCY as a hub.
  3. Extend Upwards – possible without breaking Lammas land regulations. Could incorporate a balcony.

JL – Suggested a function room downstairs and the changing rooms upstairs, accessed by an outside staircase.

DB – There is room currently for a function space downstairs and the changing room space could be reduced to increase the social space.

JL – This would not work as the changing rooms and toilets required more room.

PM – Liked the plan to extend upwards as the current space is inadequate.

ML – Stressed the need to get costings.

JL – Believes £30K plus available in Section 106 funds and WFCY could apply for grants?

PM – Grant applications can take years and the Club has not met with much success in the past. The Club has funds set aside for SML Pavilion and can draw upon practical help from membership to reduce labour costs.

ML – Believed that the second floor would be better for the function area. The problems of carrying beer and provisions upstairs are minor ones.

PM – When questioned asserted that changing rooms for players and referees, and male/female/disabled toilets were essential, and downstairs would be more practical.

GF – Important to address the issue of security in the design brief due to the isolation of the building which could encourage vandalism. External staircase would be more vulnerable in this regard.

DT – The two-storey building would be a good idea and confirmation of costing/funding is essential.

JL – This will be done as the next step in the process.

PE – Questioned whether a business plan has been prepared? Also, the Recreation Ground was given to Eton residents in perpetuity.

TC – Confirmed that the Ground has been used by WFCY as well as College and other clubs for many years, and the public has enjoyed access and would continue so to do.

ML – Agreed that the Recreation Ground is unaffected by this proposal.

PM – WFCY is a community club and is committed to both Windsor and Eton. There is a possibility of the Club changing its name to Windsor & Eton FC to reflect this. He believed that the development would attract more players from Eton.

GF – Confirmed that ETC is providing a facility for the wider public, not just Eton.

DB – Agreed that the gift was just the land, not the pavilion.

DT – If ETC is funding the project then Eton residents should enjoy the benefits.

GF – The project is being funded from Section 106 funds allocated specifically for this purpose and there were no plans to involve the precept.

DT – Agreed and hoped that CIL funds due may help as well.

  1. The Way Forward:

JL – Advised that he would obtain plans, and the costs of this may be covered through private means.

GF – Reminded that plans and costings were needed.

JL – Would have plans and costings of the development ready for the April meeting.

PM – Requested that he be circulated with this information which was agreed.

The Meeting concluded at 8.00pm

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