Notes of Zoom Meeting of Environment Committee 27.4.21


Councillors Present: Also Present:
George Fussey – Chair Bob Austen
Douglas Hill Claire Taylor
Sue Evans
Malcolm Leach (from 6pm)


GF – Welcomed everybody and thanked them for their attendance.

  1. Progress on No-Mow Verges in Eton Wick

CT – 5 of the 6 signs are in place. One verge was inadvertently mowed by RBWM. Biodiversity survey of verges will take place. RBWM is pleased with the project and it is working well.

GF – Expressed thanks to CT for her excellent work on this project.

  1. Nature Survey of Eton Wick Allotments

GF – Brenda Richardson has already responded positively about the prospect of a survey.

CT – Will be preparing survey document together with GF and others, and these will be handed out to allotment holders for completion. Photographs of species will be taken rather than collecting samples. A meeting of interested parties will be arranged.

  1. Wooden Logs at SML Recreation Ground

GF – The recently removed rotted wooden logs need to be replaced as parents have requested seating space. Two replacement logs or backless benches are required, but logs are preferred.

TC – Will obtain quotes for logs and benches. Action: Town Clerk

  1. SML Recreation Ground Play Area

GF – Identified a section of grass by the entrance gate which may need returfing. DH had already noted the issue. Agreed that the situation will be monitored to see whether the grass will recover when the rains come.

  1. Riparian Works on Boveney Ditch

TC – Will chase up Will Russell regarding joint Eton College/ETC silt clearance work. This will need to happen after 15th June. Action: Town Clerk

CT – Funding has been agreed for hydromorphology survey.

  1. Log Pile/Stumpery at SML Recreation Ground

CT – Log piles are supported by RBWM Biodiversity Action Plan. The logs are already in situ and will be an important addition to biodiversity in Eton.

DH/SE – Agreed that log piles/stumpery would be a welcome addition.

ML – Some concern about health and safety but GF confirmed that log piles are a feature of many recreational areas including Windsor Great Park and Burnham Beeches.

GF – Suggested signage be incorporated along the lines of the no-mow verges.

It was unanimously agreed that the log piles be erected and this will be included in biodiversity report at the next ETC meeting for ratification. Action: Town Clerk

  1. Dog Waste Bins in Eton Wick
  1. Emptying Regime:

TC – Waiting for clarification from dog waste contractor on which bins may require twice-weekly collections. When this information has been received it will be forwarded to Members for agreement. Action: Town Clerk

  1. Plans for Bin No 10:

Agreed that dual dog waste/litter bin be installed to replace existing dog waste bin. Town Clerk to obtain costs for next ETC meeting. Action: Town Clerk

  1. Graffiti
  1. Eton

ML – Lots of graffiti on railway arches, some has been there for a while. Town Clerk is progressing with Paul Roach of RBWM.

GF – If the graffiti is offensive then Network Rail will remove it, otherwise action is unlikely.

  1. Eton Wick

CT – Most graffiti is on dog waste and litter bins. Important to continue to notify RBWM if graffiti appears on road signs and highways. The graffiti on footpath signs in Eton Wick has already been reported by CT.

  1. Any Other Business
  1. Council Offices:

ML – Concerned about appearance of outside of Council Offices, especially the alleyway.

TC – Confirmed that RBWM is responsible for outside redecoration, ETC has no authority to do this. TC will chase up RBWM when it will next take place. Action: Town Clerk

TC – Will check with RBWM to see whether lights can be kept on 24/7 in the alleyway. Also will arrange to spruce up the notice board when back to work in Eton. Action: Town Clerk

The Meeting concluded at 6.30pm

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