At the Annual Meeting of Eton Town Council on Friday 21st May 2021, Cllr John Lovell was elected as Mayor to replace the retiring Mayor, George Fussey.

John has been a town councillor for many years and is a well-known figure in Eton and Eton Wick for his many contributions to various organisations in both communities over a long period of time.   We wish him well in his term of office.

Cllr Malcolm Leach was elected Deputy Mayor and Malcolm is also well known in Eton for his service on the Council and to Eton Community Association where he serves on the committee.

George Fussey has also retired as a town councillor.   During his term he has served the Council with great devotion and skill, particularly during his time as Mayor where he has upgraded governance and systems to increase transparency and efficiency.   George has made a huge impact on the business of the Council and his contribution has been invaluable.   Members expressed their warmest appreciation to George for all that he has achieved and wished him well for the future.

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