COVID-19 Updates

From: The Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead <communications>
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2022 at 18:04
Subject: COVID-19 Updates

It’s never too late to get your jab


Royal Borough cases

Case numbers have fallen slightly to 1,488.7 per 100,000 in the most recent data. We’re slightly below the England average, yet above the South East.

During the past two weeks our rates have been seesawing between the high 1,400’s and high 1,500s and there’s no indication this is about to change.

You’ll not be surprised to know that all age groups across the borough are seeing large increases in transmission, as shown in the age heat map above.

As of 28 December, there were 92 Covid patients in Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust hospitals, with nine people on mechanical ventilation. There have thankfully been no deaths during Christmas.

For the latest Covid information in the Royal Borough – including case rates among age groups, ward breakdowns, hospital data and vaccinations – visit the Berkshire Public Health website and see the weekly report in the information centre.

It’s never too late to get yours

During the Christmas period, Frimley Health and Care administered a huge number of Covid vaccines – first, second and boosters.

Vaccine centres were open evenings and weekends. They’re still offering booked appointments, although there are plans to re-introduce walk-in slots.

84% of the borough’s adult population have had their first and second jabs. 29% of under-50’s have had a booster. Among over-50s it’s 81%.

If you had Covid during Christmas, you must wait 28 days before getting your booster. Although infection antibodies support your immune system to some degree, the booster gives you more resilient protection against hospitalisation and Long Covid.

If you’ve not yet had your first or second jab, you won’t be judged. The vaccine staff will be pleased to see you. It’s never too late to get protected.

To book or manage your appointment, visit the National Booking Service or call 119. For more local information, visit Frimley Health and Care’s vaccination page.

Test don’t guess

If you’re having difficulty getting hold of LFTs to use at home, remember you can pick them up from our leisure centre receptions during opening hours.

If you need help using them, we offer an assisted testing service at Braywick Leisure Centre.

During the Christmas period, we handed out more than 2,000 free LFT kits per week, and helped 118 people take their tests.

To find out more about our community collect and assisted testing schemes please visit our website.

No PCRs if you’ve no symptoms

Under new temporary guidance starting on 11 January, if you test positive using a LFT yet have no symptoms, you won’t need to take a follow-up PCR test.

But you must still self-isolate immediately and report your positive LFT result on the government’s LFT website. NHS Test and Trace will then get in touch with you to track your contacts.

You’ll be able to leave self-isolation seven days from the date of your positive test, after showing two negative LFT results. These must be taken 24 hours apart on days six and seven.

You must, however, get a PCR test if you have symptoms when you take your first LFT, or if you later develop them while isolating. You can order a PCR test to do at home or visit a local PCR site at the former Magnet Leisure Centre carpark in Maidenhead (open daily) or Windsor Coach Park in Alma Road (open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during January). You’re allowed to leave your home to visit these sites while isolating.

What are we doing about Covid?

The next public meeting of the Outbreak Engagement Board is on Monday 17 January, starting at 2.30pm, streamed live on our YouTube channel.

This is an opportunity for you to find out, or ask, how we’re tackling Covid across the borough.

If you’d like to ask a question, email it to by midday on Wednesday 12 January. You won’t be able to ask questions during the live session.

If you miss the session, no problem. You can watch it later as it’s recorded.

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