Save now on your parking

Save now on your parking

Discounted parking has today arrived in six popular car parks for residents of the Royal Borough who’ve joined our Resident Parking Discount Scheme. If you’re not already in the scheme, you can still apply now, completely free of charge, and join the thousands of savvy residents already set to save on parking.

Since the scheme opened for applications on 14 February, we’ve received and approved more than 4,600 applications from residents gearing up to drive down their parking costs, with 20 per cent applying to get their discount in all six car parks.

If you haven’t yet joined, simply apply online today via the RingGo cashless parking system for your free, virtual permits, offering one hour’s free parking at Alma Road and Alexandra Gardens in Windsor, Grove Road and West Street in Maidenhead, Horton Road in Datchet, and Meadow Lane in Eton.

You do not need to have a smart phone to apply for permits or use the discounts.

Free parking continues to be offered for disabled users and those using electric vehicles. Motorcycles can continue to be parked for free in their designated bays in selected car parks.

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How to use your discounted parking

Under the scheme, the two Windsor car parks are grouped as one car parking zone and the two Maidenhead car parks form another grouped zone. The car parks at Datchet and Eton are each separate parking zones. These four different zones each have their own RingGo code, displayed on the parking machines.

If you’ve already joined the scheme, from today you can get one hour’s free parking every day in each car parking zone for which you hold a virtual permit.

When you want to use your discounted sessions, please remember to activate them in your selected car parks, either through the RingGo app or via a landline or mobile phone using the automated voice service.

Simply follow the instructions on the side of the car park machine and in the app. If you’re using the automated voice service, please remember to use the five-digit code for residents in the discount scheme that’s displayed on the car park machine and not the standard parking code.

Unlike the standard RingGo zones, the discount scheme operates on a ‘buy time’ basis instead of the usual ‘start/stop’ basis. This means you will have to decide how long you are going to stay at the time of parking and pay the appropriate amount, but no pre-authorisation is required.

With ‘buy time’ you can always extend your stay at any time during your live parking session. If you wish to stay for more than one hour, the discount will be subtracted from the total amount you pay for your length of stay.

How to join the scheme: three simple steps to save

If you haven’t joined yet, it’s not too late to apply online. Please read the guidance carefully and follow the straightforward application process.

1. Firstly, set up a free online account with the RingGo cashless parking system (if you don’t already have one)

2. Then you can apply for your free virtual permits to get the discounts in the car parks you wish to use. Permit applications can be made via a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone

3. Once your application has been approved (takes three working days), start using your discounted sessions straightaway.

A separate application has to be made for each zone for which you would like a virtual permit. You can apply for virtual permits for all, or just some, of the parking zones. Applications only need to be submitted once and last for up to two years.

Visit our website for more information


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