Here to Help

Join the campaign to help our residents with the rising cost of living

Join the campaign to help our residents with the rising Cost of Living

Today we’re launching a new campaign, ‘Here to Help’, along with our community partners to raise awareness of the support that can help those struggling to cope with the rising cost of living.

While the Royal Borough is overall a relatively prosperous place, there are households on low incomes and in fuel poverty, who are most vulnerable to extra cost pressures, especially around food and fuel, and the numbers struggling are likely to increase.

As part of our response, we and our partners are highlighting the local and national support which, depending on individual circumstances, can help those in need to build their personal financial resilience and hopefully avoid the need for crisis support.

As part of our campaign, we’ve brought together support from the council, and our partners, onto one dedicated webpage – and we’re encouraging those struggling financially, having to make difficult decisions around food, rent, heating or other essentials, to visit our Here to Help webpage and contact their landlord and energy supplier to see what help might be available to them.

How you can join the campaign

We all have our part to play, and there are ways you can lend your support for our Here to Help campaign:

Please direct those in need within your communities to our dedicated Cost of Living webpage, or give them our leaflet (which you can download and print from here)

Please share our campaign posts on social media – #HereToHelpRBWM

If you’re responsible for public-facing buildings, or public noticeboards, please download and display our poster

If you’re a partner organisation that can help residents with the cost of living, and would like your support to be added to our dedicated Cost of Living webpage, please email Ollie.Cassells

We are running ‘Here to Help’ with the support of key partners including social landlords Abri and Housing Solutions, and Voluntary and Community Sector partners, Foodshare Maidenhead, Windsor Foodshare, Driven Forward, The Baby Bank, The Spoore, Merry and Rixman Foundation, and Citizens Advice.

Making support easier to explore

We’re minded some people may be in need for the first time, and benefits and other financial support can be tricky to navigate, so bringing everything together and raising awareness under our ‘Here to Help’ campaign makes the support easier to explore.

For those in need who don’t have online access, people can still call 01628 683800 to see what support might be available to them, or otherwise visit the webpage using the public-access computers available at our libraries.


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